He doesn’t look Autistic!

In the year 2011 my son was diagnosed with ASD, we were not at all surprised but we also didn’t know much about ASD. As most people who do not have anyone close to them who has ASD we only had an idea that did not at all looked similar in any way to our son. ASD is the term used for 2 years now and is short for Autism Disorder Syndrome and what it means is that if a person has 5 or more symptoms described as and Autistic symptom, this person is considered ASD. This means that this person is labeled as a person with special needs and in most Western societies will retrieve help.

Like many, the only previous exposure I and my partner had to ASD was “Rainman” which was acted immensely well by Dustin Hoffman. We never ever saw or maybe never noticed an Autistic person in our environment and thinking of our son being one was strange because he didn’t “look” Autistic. Still today, many tell me that my son doesn’t look autistic. I could take it as a compliment but I think it just proofs how little we know about ASD. Continue reading “He doesn’t look Autistic!”

Till Death Do Us Part

Till Death do Us Part

If there is one line in the common wedding vows I heard I really utterly find horrifying it must be “Till death do us part”
Just try and think about it. You are young (mostly) in love (hopefully) and the day you have been dreaming of (when you are the bride) and the day you have feared all of your life (if you are the groom) has arrived. You stand there in front of whoever it is conducting your wedding ceremony. Both of you are nervous, emotional and probably beside noticing some lip movement not really paying any attention to the words that will make you man and wife. You promise each other to have and to hold, in sickness and in health till death do you part. Continue reading “Till Death Do Us Part”


This year I participate for the second time in a project my town’s municipality organizes yearly on the occasion of the international women’s day. A group of local artists creates a piece of art that reflects or represents their view on equal right between men and women in our society.

Always and everywhere this subject is relevant. Since I was just a little girl growing up in the Netherlands I have been exposed to the subject due or should I say, Thanks to my mother.

My mother would call herself a feminist but as I see it now she was just clever enough to understand that women should stand up for their selves no matter what and I don’t think this automatically defines a woman as a feminist. My mother always made sure to tell me and my sister that we had to be able to be in depended and not to be counting on any partner to take care of us. She insisted we would get ourselves some decent education, a profession and our own source of income. I value this very much and though I myself have no daughters I try to bring up my boys with the knowledge that women are no less than men in any way. I simply never refer to anything as a typically man or woman task. Continue reading “Equality”

The big fat Lottery

Have you ever thought of what would be if you ever won the big prize in the lottery?

I most certainly did! I even played for a while but when I saw how much money just vanished in the lottery pot and never coming back to me I figured I should try to dream a bit less and try a bit harder to control my own destiny.

Even though, I do not go for the lottery anymore I still like to fantasize now and then what if! I think it is good to think about what one would do if a huge amount of money would fall in their laps. It makes me check with myself whether I am still human, sensitive or just a greedy bitch!

I asked my husband what he would do if he won the lottery. His first response without hesitation was; “I’d get a divorce” Continue reading “The big fat Lottery”

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