The big fat Lottery

Have you ever thought of what would be if you ever won the big prize in the lottery?

I most certainly did! I even played for a while but when I saw how much money just vanished in the lottery pot and never coming back to me I figured I should try to dream a bit less and try a bit harder to control my own destiny.

Even though, I do not go for the lottery anymore I still like to fantasize now and then what if! I think it is good to think about what one would do if a huge amount of money would fall in their laps. It makes me check with myself whether I am still human, sensitive or just a greedy bitch!

I asked my husband what he would do if he won the lottery. His first response without hesitation was; “I’d get a divorce” I was a bit surprised by his reaction. We both know that if my husband wants to better off financially he should divorce me right now. His expenses will drastically drop. The fact he is still with cannot be related to any money related issues so the lottery would only solve it. The only other reason I could think of that would justify divorce if he wins the lottery is that he might be a much more attractive catch for other women. Then again, I do know who I married and I doubt it even crossed his mind. (At least I’d like to think so)

After joking around he came up with a more realistic plan. He would pay of our mortgage, put a budget aside for our children and buy a nice car. He did mention that he didn’t want a show off car but something very comfortable. Knowing my husband, he’d get himself a very average car with an amazing sound system! (Cheers, darling!)

Obviously renovating our apartment which is more or less falling apart or a nice vacation did not cross his mind. I guess, men think different!

Then I asked myself what I would do if I won the lottery. I would pay of the mortgage first and renovate my apartment big time. Put money in the bank to be saved for our children and probably get a little car nothing fancy. Big trips, fast cars and designer clothes are not even on my wish list. I just want to have financial security.

If you read from time to time what the lottery winners did with their money you’d be surprised by the nonsense they did with their fortune. A lot of them actually spend all their fortune in no time and went back to square one with nothing much left at all. Then there are some who got themselves the life that they hoped for and became the loneliest people ever. Maybe when it actually happens you instantly lose your mind and all you thought you would do is erased from your brain and you just do stupid things.

I know when you became instantly wealthy without working for it and growing into it, it can be a traumatic event even. The guys from income tax and charity will find you first and make sure to get their hand on their part. I guess you also learn fast who your real friends are.

Maybe winning the lottery would not be my first choice for trying to stabilize my finances. Then again, it is not really a choice to be made, is it?

So I will leave the lottery for what it is and hope it will help out some people who really need it. For myself I choose a steadier path and try to grow my fortune slowly but wisely. My grandmother always use to say she was not that lucky with money but lucky in love. She was a bit lucky with money as well though. She said that you don’t need a swimming pool filled with money to swim in it because you may very well drown. What you need is a little tub with money so you can bath your feet in it. This way you enjoy but do not drown.

My dear grandmother never won the lottery and she had enough money to enjoy life and even make lives of others a bit nicer as well.

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